Transport Management


Moving products from manufacturing plants to warehouses, between national, and regional facilities and to distributors, can represent more than half of our total logistics costs. Modes of distribution are mandatory for a smooth and successful supply chain. We offer transportation services that can be scaled and customized according to customer needs based on market conditions, demands and delivery service requirements. Transportation management solutions gives the resources and visibility which the customer will need.

  • Local and Upcountry distribution services
  • Undertaking product pick-up, warehousing and distribution responsibilities
  • Ensure safe & timely delivery of your products

Full Truck Load

Pon Pure Logistics offers both nation-wide (Primary Transportation) and local distribution (Secondary Transportation) services. Our extensive market knowledge enables us to source vehicles on dedicated as well as attached basis at competitive rates. We can handle all of your transportation needs through our diverse range of services. We maintain all type of vehicles (both open and closed). We deliver comprehensive solutions that are cost effective and prompt in delivery. We also provide customised MIS reports periodically as agreed with customers.

Transport Management System (TMS)

  • At Pon Pure Logistics we have rely on our inhouse TMS and team of industry experts.
  • TMS deals with the planning, execution and optimization of the physical movements of goods.
  • In simpler terms, it's a logistics platform that enables users to manage and optimize the daily operations of the transportation fleets.

Benefits of Transport Management System (TMS)

  • TMS simplifies dispatch functions and improves the level of customer service.
  • It ensures that critical information flows in real-time, throughout every part.
  • It helps to track deliveries in real time, increase customer service.
  • Improves efficiency and productivity.
  • Increases the supply chain efficiency.
  • TMS is the key to keep pace with the industry
  • It provides a single integrated solution, where all essential information related to drivers, customers, vehicle, revenue, rates and charges is stored & managed.